Survival Edge Lights is More than Just Flashlights

From Left to Right: Joey, Nathan and James Bridges

From Left to Right: Joey, Nathan and James Bridges

When we, Joey and James Bridges, were in Scouts (we both earned the rank of Eagle Scout) the options of lights were limited.  Yes you had to have a light as part of your ten essentials, but it was often the same light you had for backpacking in the high sierras and the same one you used when going desert camping.  Little was communicated of the output of the light, the user interface, or different lighting features.  And the choices of brands were far fewer than they are today.

Times have changed rapidly since we were in scouts, in particular, in the field of flashlights.  The array of Tactical and LED flashlights have exploded over the past 5 years, yet the volume of information about each model and brand hasn’t changed.  Most manufacturers will share with you the common elements that are available according to the FL1 standards such as Lumens, Throw Distance, waterproof level, etc., but does that really share with you if that light is right for you?

We started Survival Edge lights with the simple mission that we believed customers deserved more information before they make a purchase.  We understand that you may be looking for a gift, looking for a great light for camping, backpacking, tactical use, or you might just be starting your research into the types of LED lights that are available.

To help you in your research we have put together detailed information on every light we carry. And as we have personally evaluated each light, you will also find a section, entitled “Our Take”, where we give our un-abashed opinion on the light.  You won’t find manufacturer’s descriptions here.  Every light we put on this website is one that we have purchased, evaluated, and tested.  We have invested the time to take detailed photos of each light, record videos, and write up descriptions often over 1,000 words just to help you get an idea of how the light could work for you.

We invite you to compare models, read each description, and watch the videos to find out which one is best for your goals.  After evaluating each flashlight we can tell you that each one offers something unique.  Depending on what you want to use the light for your decision on which to purchase will be impacted.  Simply put, looking by lumens or price, won’t give you enough information to determine if you should make a purchase, which is why we provide much more detailed information.

There are lights that never make it to our website and as new models are released we will evaluate them as well, but only the ones we feel have true value to offer will be offered to you.

Please read on about the different models and brands.  And whether you make a purchase or not, please share with us your thoughts on one of our articles on lights, or engage with us on Google+.

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