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Best Rechargeable Flashlight for You


Rechargeable flashlights come in all shapes and sizes, so determining the best rechargeable flashlight for you is more a matter of personal preference than the result of an objective rating system. That said, there are a few matters to consider when making your choice. Namely, how do you want to recharge your flashlight? So, let’s […]

Discover the Best AA Flashlights on the Market

Olight ST25 Baton

AA-powered flashlights can offer the same features and benefits as their larger cousins that use LiON and NiMH batteries. Improvements in technology have allowed the humble AA battery – the same one that powers your TV remote – to power some of the most advanced equipment on the consumer market. These batteries might not be rechargeable […]

The EA8 Caveman with a 490m Beam Distance Might be the Light For Your Next Hike

What Is the Best Flashlight for Hiking?

The EA8 Caveman with a 490m Beam Distance Might be the Light For Your Next Hike

According to Statista (The Statistics Portal) 34.5 million Americans went hiking in 2012. That’s up from 29.86 in 2006. That’s a near unprecedented increase.  Now, Statista makes no distinction between the day hiker and the hardcore hiker, but the increase is significant. We all need a break from our cubicles, and America is home to […]


What Is the Best Flashlight for Travel?


There are two definitions – or more – for traveling. One involves packing the family into your SUV and heading to the woods or the beach for a weekend. The other involves packing all your belongings into a single backpack, hopping on a plane and heading to Asia, Africa, Europe or South America and traveling […]

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