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Discover What’s New In 2015 from Nitecore


It’s 2015 and the year is still young. And you know what that means, right? New models of all your favorite high-quality flashlights. That means new features, improved performance, better construction techniques and technological advances. So, what’s new this year in the world of tactical and emergency flashlights? Well, the modifications and additions to this […]

Nitecore SRT6 Review

SR6 a Tactical Light for Police Officers

The SmartRing Tactical series of flashlights by Nitecore has a great deal to offer. While many are drawn to this series of flashlights due to the very popular flagship model of the SRT7 Revenger, there is more to the series than just that model. A hidden gem of the SmartRing Tactical Series is that of […]

Nitecore P15 Review


The Precise series of flashlights by Nitecore are certainly targeted to individuals want a tactical flashlight that makes it easy to use the different brightness levels and modes of the light. While you might be thinking “I hope it is easy to use” not every light meets that mark. Within the precise series you will […]

Nitecore P20 Review


Within the Precise Series of flashlights from Nitecore there are a wide variety of choices. Each model definitely has unique aspects and for each person some features make it a win while other features mean you might pick a different light. I was excited to review the P20 because it incorporates a few unique features […]

Police Tactical Flashlight

Nitecore P25 Review

Police Tactical Flashlight

The Nitecore P25 is part of the Precise series of flashlights.  If you are new to investigating this particular model, then we have to share that the product name is Smilodon.  Why do we mention that?  Well a flashlight named after a Saber Tooth Tiger has to be cool (I mean seriously I don’t think […]


Nitecore EA1 Review


One of the great aspects about flashlights is they come in all shape and sizes. Where once you were left to either a very large flashlight and maybe a pocket sized one, there are now performance oriented LED flashlights around 2 inches in size all the way up to well over 10 inches in length. […]

Nitecore SRT7 Review

The SRT7 is one of the Most Popular Lights by Nitecore

The Nitecore SRT7 Revenger is the flagship model in the SmartRing Tactical Series of flashlights. As the top model in this line of tactical flashlights I was excited to review this light as it boasts a maximum output of 960 lumens and a strong throw distance of 305 meters. These performance features alone would make […]

Nitecore HC50 Review


When you are considering headlamps the variety may seem overwhelming. It’s gotten to the point that in some stores they have a wall of headlamps displayed making it difficult to determine which one could be a match. One of the reasons I was excited to do a review of the Nitecore HC50 is because I […]

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