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Planning on Carrying Your Flashlight Daily? For Security Purposes? Explore Carrying Options for Your Next Light…


How do you plan to use your tactical flashlights? Do you need to access it quickly or is it okay If it just stays in a bag until you reach your destination. Each tactical flashlight has a unique configuration. Some are almost a foot in length and can be quite heavy. Others are about the […]

How to Maintain and Store Your Flashlight to Ensure You Can Use it On Any Adventure for Years to Come

How to Maintain a Flashlight

When a portable light source is needed, little is more frustrating than pulling out your tactical flashlight only to find it doesn’t work anymore. Remembering after the fact that you should have stored it with more consideration does little to alleviate the current issue – a non-working tactical flashlight. To avoid this challenge consider a […]

Tactical Flashlight Uses: How to Use with a Weapon or Disorient

Tactical Flashlight Picatinny Rail

The availability of a flashlight is handy in many unexpected situations; however, carrying around a bulky plastic number powered by D-cell batteries like the ones many people keep in their junk drawers isn’t entirely practical for everyday use. A small, tactical flashlight is a lightweight, portable alternative that can fit in a pocket and comes […]

Tactical Flashlights for Self-Defense – 3 Principles of Defense


Tactical flashlights are great for the outdoors. They have a powerful beam, they can withstand the elements, they are tough and their batteries last a long time. All of these things make them excellent choices for outdoorsmen, but what if you don’t like the outdoors? Do you still need a rugged tactical flashlight? Yes, you […]

Batteries Not Included

Choosing a Flashlight – From Camping to Emergency Preparedness Key Features to Consider to Help You Decide

Batteries Not Included

When choosing a flashlight, the most important question to ask is, “What am I going to do with this thing?” or put another way, “When am I going to need a flashlight?” By this we mean that your activities determine what style, size and type of flashlight is best for you.  Consider asking yourself the […]

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