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Flashlight Uses? A Light for Every Occassion

MH40 Thor Installed in Rear of FJ Cruiser

You know what? There are top-quality flashlights on the market today that can quite literally do it all. They can perform under the most strenuous conditions, signal for help, blind an attacker and emit a glow soft enough to read under the covers with. There’s only one real limitation to these super flashlights: They still […]

Do You Carry a Signal Mirror? You Should!


We have so much high-tech equipment for hiking and mountaineering that sometimes we forget the simplest of things can save our lives before the most high-tech of gadgets. One of those things is the signal mirror. A signal mirror is not a toy. It’s not a shaving mirror your carry in your backpack (although hey […]

GPS? Topo Map? Or Both?


For obvious reasons, we discuss tactical and emergency flashlights on this site quite often, but many of our customers and readers are hikers, backpackers and just general outdoorsmen. So, in effort to share more than just flashlight tips, let’s discuss something equally as important: how to navigate through the woods. The people of today have […]

Make a Place in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit for a Quality Flashlight

Prepare Your Emergency Kit with Essential Items

Whether you are a dedicated prepper, cautious father or mother or just someone who likes to be prepared for any eventuality, an emergency preparedness kit is an absolute necessity – in fact, many experts recommend that you keep several in various locations. You can find a list of items that belong in your emergency preparedness […]

MOLLE Bag…A Go-To Option for Special Forces and Could Be Yours Too

Molle Bag with Flashlight

When discussing tactical matters and equipment, you might head the word MOLLE – pronounced molly not mole – used frequently in conversation. MOLLE stands for a Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment. MOLLE bags are the go-to option for Special Forces units, police forces and hobbyists around the world, and for good reason. They are remarkably […]

Are You Ready for an Emergency? 10 Tips to Help, From Food Supplies to an Emergency Flashlight

Prepare Your Emergency Kit with Essential Items

Emergencies happen. Natural disasters happen. It’s a sad fact of life. The people in New Orleans did not expect for the levies to break. Those on the East Coast had no idea the devastation Hurricane Sandy would cause. Right now the people of Boulder, Colorado are dealing with an unheard of level of flooding. These […]

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