Flashlight Uses – LED Lights for Camping to Tactical

Flashlight uses vary dramatically from the needs of peace officers to those looking for a great light for use in the outdoors.  With the wide variety of demands put on flashlights manufacturers continue to make innovations to ensure that whether you are looking forward to a weekend excursion or you are trying to escape from a crushed car that your needs can be met.

The variety of uses for a flashlight mean that manufacturers have developed features that fit specific needs.  And while it doesn’t even need to be said that the volume of lumens is certainly the highlight for many consumers there are a great deal of features that extend beyond the maximum output of a light that can make a difference to you.

To help you find the best flashlight for your goals we have put together manufacturers and models that fit your demands.  Each light we offer we have personally tested.  As new models are released we will continue to test them to help share with you the good and the bad of each model.  As you explore each category we invite you to consider justs one question:

“Which light is best for me?”

Read on to discover which flashlight will meet your demands.  If after reading the various descriptions and watching the videos of models you still aren’t quite sure which light might be a good match, simply fill out our contact form and we will be happy to share the lights that are right for your adventures…even if it’s not a light we currently offer.

Camping Flashlights

Nitecore EA8 CavemanTo enjoy the great outdoors there are certainly plenty of moments where you will need to light your way back to camp or even on a night excursion.  As camping can involve a great deal of activities from a simple day hike to even enjoy a bike ride you will discover a great variety of flashlights in this category.

A great camping flashlight will not only have a high volume of lumens output, but could even have the option of being attached to a tripod.  With the understanding that there are all types of campers out there camping lights often have some of the highest degree of flexibility in power sources ranging from being powered by traditional AA batteries to high output 18650 Li-Ion batteries.

Explore the camping lights that are available to find the best match for your goals whether you are car camping, fishing, or you are in for an extended stay in the high sierras.

Every Day Carry

nitecore-srt3-defender-1When you wake up on the morning what are some of the items that you put in your pockets?  Your mobile phone? Your wallet?  Car keys?  How about a flashlight?  Whether it lands in your pocket or you carry it in a holster on your belt an every day carry light is designed for daily usage.

Every day carry lights are often designed with a length that makes them easy to slip on a pocket and won’t cause challenges if placed on a tool belt (less than 6 inches in length).  Being used on a daily basis they could even have such usable features as being chargeable via USB.

Explore the every day carry options to discover which lights are right for you to use for your daily tasks and adventures.

Tactical Flashlights

Nitecore-P25-Smilodon-10Tactical lights are designed with some of the most demanding professions in mind.  Originally designed for military and police officers tactical flashlights have been popularly adopted by civilians as well.  The increased demand for tactical flashlights have resulted in features that and functionality that you will be happy to use on a daily basis.

As tactical flashlights are designed for demanding professions you will find them constructed of aero grade aluminum, incorporating knurling for grip, and have user interfaces designed for demanding situations.  Combined with all of these powerful features you will find that many of the tactical flashlights are capable of being mounted to firearms and can incorporate bezels that are designed for close quarters combat.

Search Flashlights

Nitecore-TM26-Tiny-Monster-1Whether are you searching for a new campsite, or searching for someone in distress you will want a light powerful enough to meet any situation.  Search lights often feature some of the highest lumens output combined with some of the longest throw distances.  It’s not uncommon to find a searchlight that incorporates over 2,000 lumens of output with a throw distance that exceeds 400m!

High lumens output, long throw distances and IPX-8 ratings of LED lights even mean that search lights can be used in marine applications.  Especially with some models having the ability to be mounted to a tripod you might find it tough to decide just which searchlight is the best match for your goals.

Hunting Flashlights


Hunting lights can carry some of the features that are common with tactical flashlights.  Hunting lights often have the ability to be incorporated to a firearm and also can incorporate additional features that make them an essential outing to take on your next hunting trip.

A distinct feature of hunting oriented flashlights is the ability to shine different colored lights.  The ability to use different colored lenses from red, green, and blue can help you to maintain you night vision and even help see blood trails when tracking.

LED Flashlights

Bulb technology has changed dramatically over the years.  Whereas consumers formally only had the options of a traditional 4v bulb or a higher performance xenon bulb, now LED lights dominate the market.  Even though LED flashlights are common these days, not every light uses the same type of LED bulb.  Compare the models you are considering and evaluate which LED bulb technology is implemented.  You can find a range of LED bulb options implemented on flashglights from LED Premium CREE XP-G LED to CREE XM-L LEDs.  Take time to explore the different LED flashlights to see which LEDs will be the right match for your goals.

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