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Nitecore SRT7 Tactical Package with Intellicharger and Li-ion Battery

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The Nitecore SRT7 Smartring Tactical Flashlight Package will help you to tackle any adventure from a weekend camping trip to being at the ready with your emergency preparedness kit.  With the SRT7 Tactical Package you receive the SRT7 Revenger flashlight, Intellicharger I2 Battery Charger, and a 18650, 2600mAh battery you will be ready for any adventure.

This complete tactical package provides you a powerful flashlight that incorporates a unique user interface with the Smart Selector Ring that allows you infinite adjustment of brightness levels and easy access to the different brightness modes.  With the Intellicharger I2 and the 18650 Li-ion battery as part of this package you will be able to keep your battery charged easily keeping your light working for you in a variety of conditions.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger

Nitecore SRT7 Featuring HAIII Hard-Anodized Aluminum
The SRT7 Revenger by Nitecore is a high powered LED flashlight with a maximum output of 960 lumens.   An innovative user interface, implementing the Smart Selector Ring (SSR) gives you infinite adjustment in the levels of brightness.  Combine this level of flexibility with the added benefits of having modes that include beacon, police warning signal, blue mode, green mode, red mode, standby mode, turbo mode and strobe mode and you will see why this is one flashlight you will want to have at the ready for tactical uses or a fun camping outing. Use Coupon Code: srt7free to ship this light for FREE!

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Nitecore Intellicharger i2, an Intelligent Charger

The Nitecore Intellicharger i2 is a powerful accessory that enables you to quickly and simultaneously charge two batteries.  With innovative features such as automatic identification of battery type and three different charging modes, it’s no wonder why the i2 remains a popular choice for recharging needs.

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Nitecore 18650, 2600mAh Li-ion battery

Nitecore 18650, 2600mAh rechargeable li-ion battery.  This rechargeable lithium ion battery helps you achieve top performance out of your Nitecore LED flashlights.  With the capacity of more than 500 charge-discharge cycles you will be able to enjoy many hours of operation from your lights.

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Product Description

The Nitecore SRT7 Revenger is part of the Smart Ring Tactical Series.  As part of the Smart Ring Tactical Series this light implements a unique user interface called the Smart Selector Ring (SSR).  The SSR interface allows you to have infinite brightness level adjustment as well as easily cycle through the different lighting modes.  As a tactical flashlight the SRT7 shines with a maximum output of 960 lumens.  You also have the ability to enjoy 6 different lighting features including an innovative Police Warning Signal that alternates Red/Blue lghts.

The SRT7 Revenger differentiates itself from other lights by having a strong throw distance of 308 meters and it is designed for heavy use with a unique patented feature.  To stand up to tough uses, from tactical to camping, it incorporates a patented spring-loaded impact absorption mechanism with reverse polarity protection.  This feature helps protect the circuitry of your light even under demanding use.

More about the Intellicharger I2

Keeping your light accessible means keeping your battery charged and ready to go.  With the Nitecore Intellicharger I2, you can quickly charge two batteries enabling you to always have one at the ready.  The flexibility of the Intellicharger I2 gives you the flexibility to charge 9 different Li-ion battery types to even supporting Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries of AA, AAA, and C.

The Nitecore Intellicharger I2 has the added benefit of automatically detecting the type of battery and the applying the appropriate charging mode.  Pairing the Intellicharger I2 with the SRT7 Revenger ensures that you have a powerful combination that keeps your light working through any of your adventures.

More about the 18650, 2600mAh Li-ion Battery

The 18650 Li-ion, 2600mAh battery is a high powered battery that is optimum for use with high-powered LED flashlights.  With the capacity of more than 500 charge-discharge cycles you will find this battery is ready to serve you on many adventures.  Using this battery along with your SRT7 Revenger will enable you to easily use all of the brightness levels as well as take advantage of the 960 lumens maximum output.

SRT7 Revenger Flashlight Dimensions

  • Length: 158mm / 6.2in
  • Head Diameter:  40mm / 1.5 in
  • Tube Diameter: 25.4mm/ 1 inch
  • Weight: 173g (without battery)

Additional Information

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger




SRT7 Revenger



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