Nitecore P25 Smilodon
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P25 Tactical Light Package

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Whether you are going camping or you have intense demands for tactical situations the P25 Smilodon is prepared for the situation. Helping you to get maximum performance from your P25 Smilodon requires a great li-ion battery and Nitecore makes a powerful option with the 18650, 2600mAh battery.

The P25 Tactical Package is designed to put everything you need together to start your adventure.  Combining the P25 Smilodon with the Nitecore 18650 Li-ion battery you are able to start your adventure and use the innovative USB charging ability of the P25.

Nitecore P25 Smilodon

The P25 Smilodon generates a maximum output of 860 Lumens.  This powerful light is part of the Tactical Precise Series by Nitecore and it encompasses a number of unique features that make it desirable.  Its innovative user interface that implements a tailcap switch as well as a two-stage switch for changing modes makes it particularly easy to use for many.  The great user interface is further complimented with the ability to charge your batteries while they remain in the light via a USB cable further extending the capabilities of the P25.

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Nitecore 18650, 2600mAh Li-ion battery

Nitecore 18650, 2600mAh rechargeable li-ion battery.  This rechargeable lithium ion battery helps you achieve top performance out of your Nitecore LED flashlights.  With the capacity of more than 500 charge-discharge cycles you will be able to enjoy many hours of operation from your lights.

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Product Description

P25 Tactical Light Package

The P25 tactical light package is designed for those who want to start their adventure as soon as they receive the delivery in the mail. The P25 Smilidon is one of the most popular LED tactical flashlights from Nitecore offering a unique two-button interface and a powerful output of 860 Lumens.

One of the most prominent features of the P25 Smilidon is the aspect of having an integrated charger.  Via a USB interface you can charge your battery without having an additional charger.  Included as part of the P25 Tactical package is the Nitecore 18650 Li-Ion battery.  With the 18650 Li-ion battery as part of the package you can start using your light immediately.

More About the P25 Smilodon

At just over 6 inches in length the P25 Smilodon fits well in your hand and makes it easy to access the dual button interface.  The on/off switch is located at the tailcap while changing brightness levels and modes is done via the button near the head of the flashlight.

You will enjoy a range of brightness levels that are easily cycled through.  The levels of brightness include the following:

  • Ulta-Low: 2 lumens
  • Low: 50 Lumens
  • Medium: 180 Lumens
  • High: 550 Lumens
  • Turbo: 860 Lumens

Complementing the wide range of lumens output you will enjoy accessories that make it optimal for tactical use.  An included tactical ring that you can optionally attach near the tailcap helps provide for a stronger hold and can be helpful when using a holding technique such as the Harries.  If you should want to attach the P25 Smildon to your firearm you will find that it is designed with integrated Picatinny connectors/rails.

More about the 18650, 2600mAh Li-ion Battery

The 18650 Li-ion, 2600mAh battery is a high powered battery that is optimum for use with high-powered LED flashlights.  With the capacity of more than 500 charge-discharge cycles you will find this battery is ready to serve you on many adventures.  Using this battery along with your P25 Smilodon will enable you to use the on-board charging ability of the P25 keeping your light at the ready no matter where you go.

Flashlight Dimensions

  • Length: 160mm (6.3 inches)
  • Head Diameter: 40mm
  • Tail Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Weight: 171g (without battery)

Additional Information

Nitecore P25 Smilodon




P25 Smilodon



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